Meet Hilary

My name is Hilary, I am a wife, mom and self-taught photographer. I love all the little things in life; summer nights with friends, laughing til my tummy hurts, Saturday morning cartoons on the couch with my boys and I absolutely love being able to capture beautiful moments for my clients.

About Me

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember, I am often the one behind the camera trying to capture life's little moments for everyone else. I believe God has a plan for everyone in life and I am so blessed he has made photography part of mine. For me it’s not just holding a camera and asking you to say ‘cheese’ it is so much more than that…it's getting to know each client personally so that when I do pick up my camera I can capture you and your family just as you imagined. In a world full of social media and cell phone pictures, I want you to be able to put your phone down be present in the moment, be with your loved ones, be YOU and let me capture your happily ever after.

I am so glad you stopped by and I look forward to working with you soon xo